How to read a VIN number BMW

Oct 5, 2015

Deciphering your VIN number

VIN is the acronym of Vehicle Identification Number. This is unique information that is found only on the newer BMW models. It includes not only the vehicle’s serial number but also informs you more about where and when the car was assembled/built and by the use of what equipment. Together with the information that is contained in the VIN, most likely, your car will also have a built sheet which is often found beneath the back seat’s cushion. This sheet has the same information contained in VIN together with a list of the factory installed accessories and items within your car.


The Vehicle Identification Number, since the year 1981 is a seventeen character number which is unique to a given vehicle, origin and manufacturer of the same. It also enumerates the specific option codes as well as the production number for that given car. VIN, which is a legal identifier, will frequently also come in the form of bar codes that represent the seventeen characters thereby making it possible to  identify the vehicle electronically.

Checking your BMW’s VIN in a Matter of Seconds

Though VIN comprises of 17 characters, you only need to enter the last seven characters into your decoder so as to instantly get a report with the year, model, make, transmission, engine among other features.


Why you need a BMW VIN Check

There are obviously so many reasons why you need to do a BMW VIN check. These include:

Using  a VIN decoder, you can be able to discover the market price of a used or new car.

  • Checking also enables you to ensure that you are ordering the appropriate parts, retrofit packages or upgrade kits of your vehicle.
  • You will be able to know if the pre-owned or used car you want to buy was modified.

Where Do I Find my BMW VIN Number?

There are several locations within the car where the VIN is listed with the most common places you can check being:

  • The inside panel/frame of the front door of your car. Normally its always on the driver’s side
  • On the dashboard near your windshield
  • On the registration or insurance of your BMW.

Online BMW VIN Lookup


Decoders are freely found online on sites such as http:/ and

  1. In, you will have to input the seven characters that came last in your BMW VIN into a lookup field provided.
  2. The next thing is to enter the appearing captcha characters after which you will click “Decode VIN”

Right on the screen, a custom report that gives you all the details you need about your car (such as whether it’s ready for Enhanced Bluetooth or Sirus Satellite Radio) will be displayed.

Example 1: If your Vehicle Identification Number shows that your car is a U.S. model that was built after 2009 and it comes with the SA693 preparation, then you can be assisted by Bimmer Tech to activate the Sirius Satellite Radio. This is with up to one year FREE Premium subscription.

one-year: If the Vehicle Identification Number shows that your vehicle has SA6AE, SA6AC or SA6AH options, it implies that you qualify for the Enhanced Bluetooth Activation by Bimmer Tech. this therefore gives you access to BThis,otherefore, art, audio, text messages and emails among others from the BMW iDrive screen of your car.

These are just a few options. Check your BMW VIN and begin exploring the options within your disposal.