Types of models and how to read a vin numbers of Land Rover.

Nov 25, 2015

Creation of the brand

This British brand focuses on 4-wheel-drive vehicles and was named after the Rover Company founded in 1948. The Land Rover series was first launched that year and comprises various models nowadays. The vehicles are manufactured in Halewood and Solihul whereas the research is done in different facilities; at Gaydon and Whitley. Land Rover has become non-arguably in one of the starring brands of the vehicle market worldwide.

Land Rover vehicle line

The following list summarizes the designs by this brand:



British 4-wheel-drive off-road vehicle that has circulated since 1948. This model has been in production for 67 years and will be discontinued.



This is a mid-size model with luxurious characteristics that is also marketed in the US.



A compact sport vehicle by this brand that can be purchased in 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive.

Range Rover


A full size version that has endurable off-road features and was launched in 1970 to extend the capabilities of the Land Rover Series.

Range Rover Sport


This model belongs to the second generation of sport vehicles by this brand and was originally launched in 2005. This is the most sportive model of the brand.

Range Rover Evoque


The lower CO2 emissions by this vehicle fit with urban use although it is large and have 5 doors. This model combines economic features with comfort.

How to read VIN number in a Land Rover

A few decades have passed since the foundation of this brand. Several changes have taken place in the models. Thus, finding the VIN in your Land Rover vehicle is important to make further reparations and adjustments.

1980-later, 17-character format: SAL…………..
The previous models (1948-later) had different VIN format which varied from 14 to 3 characters.