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How to Read Your Acura VIN number

VIN number is a unique code that gives information about the vehicle’s make, model, year of manufacture and other features including engine, available styles and trimlevels, safety equipment and technical specifications.

How to read Cadillac VIN numbers?

The first Cadillac car was made in 1902 and featured one-cylinder engine delivering 10-hp. Over the decades, Cadillac has become the luxury division of General Motors Corp. Reading the VIN number of your Cadillac can give you a lot of essential information about this particular vehicle, including its engine, restrain system, body type, line and series. Furthermore, it can tell you if the car has ever been reported salvage or stolen or has been involved in an accident.

Use our Cadillac VIN lookup tool to find out more about your vehicle or about the vehicle you are considering.

What can Chrysler VIN number tell about your car?

The VIN number can be used to figure out the make, model, year, trim package, engine size, restraint system, and transmission type of your vehicle. If you’d like to decode the Chrysler VIN, here’s a basic guide.

What can Audi VIN number tell about your car?

The primary purpose of VIN numbers is to identify a vehicle and determine its features. This code can also reveal other information important for a car buyer, for example, accident history, previous uses and the vehicle’s title.

Where to find the Audi’s VIN plate?

The secrets of decoding Dodge VIN numbers

Today we will share with you how to read a VIN numbers for Dodge vehicle. Although it is not a huge secret yet such information is something you need to know. Firstly let’s see what is Dodge VIN codes? VIN stands up for the Vehicle Identification Number, and each vehicle has it. Decoding of such numbers will help you to better understand own car, meanwhile you won’t have to spend hours for codes lookup.

How to Read Your BMW VIN number

A vehicle’s VIN is a unique number which provides the car owner with crucial information about their vehicle. Knowing VIN number allows tracing the car’s history, which can be helpful both for car buyers considering a pre-owned car, and car sellers.

Five Myths about Manual and Automatic Transmissions

Although there are still many fans of the manual transmission, it is certainly an endangered type of stick shift. More and more car shoppers turn towards the automatic transmission which is easier-to-drive and more convenient. You may think than manual transmission has its own benefits, but in fact many of them are not proven. Consider these myths about stick shifts and maybe you’ll change your mind. If you would like to know if the car you are considerting to buy has a manual or automatoc transmission, you can get this information in our reports here.

8 Habits to Maintain the Value of Your Car

You probably know that a new car loses about 20% of its value the moment it is driven off a dealership’s lot. However, it is not such a great problem, because there are hardly few people who want to sell their car immediately after they have bought it. Anyway, you will not be driving a car forever and one day you will have to sell it. That being said it is important to maintain the value of your vehicle as much as possible.

Checklist: Before You Buy a Used Car

New cars lose about 20% of their value as soon as they leave the showroom. That’s why purchasing a used car can save you a great deal of money. However, many buyers are afraid to buy used cars, because they don’t know how to pick the best one and how to protect themselves from fraud. Here is a checklist of things to do when buying a used car:

4 Places to Buy Used Cars

You have a number of options when it comes to choosing a used car, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Below you will find pros and cons of the most common places to find the used cars.