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Vehicle Inspection

You’ve bought a Vehicle History Report and think you are ready to buy a used car. However, there is one more thing to do – a pre-purchase inspection.

Unless you are a mechanic, you should always ask an expert to assess the vehicle’s condition before buying it. A trusted mechanic can reveal hidden problems and maintenance shortcomings, and determine the vehicle’s mechanical, safety, and cosmetic condition.


Car’s structure is a foundation on which the vehicle is build. Although structure is sometimes referred to as frame, it is not the same. Frames were widely used in earlier cars and were designed so that the vehicle’s body is mounted on top of them. Today’s vehicles most commonly use unibody structure, rather than frame construction.


Odometer fraud means rolling back or altering odometers in any other possible way to make it seem that a car has lower mileage that it actually does. Despite strict penalties and increasing safety precautions, the incidence of odometer fraud is still high.

Unfortunately, many consumers mistakenly think that digital odometers cannot be rolled back, but the truth is that it is even easier to tamper with digital odometers.

Car dealership

Buying a car involves a lot of questions, but the first question that arises is whether to choose a new or used car. In order to choose the vehicle that best suits you, you should define your budget and needs, among other factors. In order to help you choose a car, we recommend you to weight all the pros and cons of new and used cars.

If you think that it makes no sence to get a history report before buying used vehicles, this article is for you. Take a look at the vehicles below and see what you can come out with. The list was made up using the images from our database, you can get a report for each of them and see for yourself.

2012 Ford F150