Top 10 Most Fuel Efficient Sedans Of 2015

Feb 1, 2016

The sedan is one of the finest family cars to drive around and if you're looking for a family car, what could be better than a sedan that is also fuel efficient? Here is a list of the top ten most fuel efficient sedans:

1. 2015 Lexus CT

2015 Lexus CT

The 2015 Lexus CT has an impressive fuel economy rating of 43/40 mpg. While you may not find it as impressive on other fronts, it does help reduce the carbon footprint by quite a lot. It has good visual appeal and proves to be reliable and comfortable car to drive.

2. 2015 Honda Civic


The Honda Civic remains as a symbol of reliability, comfort, and safety and that’s what the 2015 model also brings forth. It boasts an impressive fuel economy rating of 44/47 mpg with an elegant exterior, noticeable interior, and a drive that turns heads.

3. 2015 Toyota Camry

2015 Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry has a fuel economy rating of 43/39 MPG and the best cat to have sold for more than a decade. The 2015 Camry is stylish and responsive with a redesigned exterior and new technologies, design, and materials that make the interior look fresh as well.

4. 2015 Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion 2015

The Ford Fusion is a practical, stylish car, which gives great performance and boasts the latest technology for a comfortable ride. As a family car, it is a value pack with an excellent 44/41 mpg rating.

5. 2015 Volkswagen Jetta

2015 Volkswagen Jetta

The 2015 Volkswagen Jetta has an impressive fuel economy rating of 42/48 mpg with an attractive exterior and great handling and performance. It also boasts a diesel engine and a manual transmission, making it quite likeable among car owners.

6. 2015 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

2015 Lincoln MKZ

The 2015 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid if you're looking for a luxury sedan, Lincoln is the answer with an impressive fuel economy rating of 41/39 and not falling short on the performance front as well. It's stylishly decorated both inside and out, presenting well placed controls and ample passenger space for a family of 5.

7. 2015 Honda Accord

2015 Honda Accord

The 2015 Honda Accord has a fuel economy rating of 50/45 mpg and stands apart from its rival due to its reliability and performance. The Accord has been able to make its mark for almost four decades and continues to do so.

8. 2015 Tesla Model S

2015 Tesla Model S

The 2015 Tesla Model S car boasts a fuel economy rating of 101/102 mpg with excellent cargo space and a comfortable seating arrangement for 5 passengers. It also stands out in terms of performance and reliability.

9. 2015 Lexus ES 300h

2015 Lexus ES 300h

This 2015 Lexus ES 300h car boasts a fuel economy rating of 40/39 mpg and is a practical and comfortable family sedan that you won't be disappointed to drive.

10. Ford Fusion Energy

2015 Ford Fusion Energy

The Ford Fusion Energy boasts a fuel economy rating of 40/36 mpg and a continuously variable-speed transmission, automatic with a front wheel drive. It’s a luxury sedan with great performance and ample seating space for 5.