Which Sports Cars Didn’t Live up to Their Name?

Apr 1, 2016

In recent years, it almost seems as if sports cars have gotten less sporty. There are still plenty of true supercars and sports cars available, but automakers are now adding sporty trims to their non-sports car models instead of creating sports cars. Even some of the sports cars that have made the cut aren’t as fun to drive as the rest. Throughout the years, some sports cars have lived up to their name while others haven’t. Most people consider a car to be sporty based on its appearance, styling, performance, acceleration, and handling. The following are some of the least sporty models to bear this designation. 

1989 BMW 850i

One of the reasons that the BMW 850i isn’t available anymore is probably its lackluster performance. Even for the year it was made, this particular model simply wasn’t as sporty as its sports car designation implied. In fact, the non-sports-car M5 sedan had better performance.


1990 Mitsubishi 3000GT

Most sports cars have rear-wheel drive as a conscious choice. When Mitsubishi tried to give the 3000GT sports car all-wheel drive, it ended poorly. Despite the twin-turbo V6 engine and active suspension, Mitsubishi tried too hard to combine features in this particular vehicle, weighing it down. Extra weight obviously affected the performance of this coupe.


1994 Aston Martin DB7

The 1994 DB7 was the first Aston Martin DB to appear in a long time, but after experts gave it a test drive, they were quick to suggest the brand should have waited a bit longer. This model had the platform from the XJS, which dated to the 1970s and wasn’t terribly sporty, either.


2001 Lexus SC430

Although it is an older sports car, the Lexus SC430 wasn’t very sporty. Simply put, it just wasn’t an exhilarating drive. Its short, portly shape probably didn’t help matters very much.